Elana Forced To Swallow Cock

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Elana is a stunning 19 year old with one fault, she has very small tits. After stripping her off they made fun of her small tits then got her to spread her ass. She was told to kneel and straight after that she was forced to swallow cock to the point of puking.

She had to take so many breaks to puke that she spent less time with cock in her mouth than she did being sick. She started to get the hang of it towards the end and they soon had her face fucking balls deep. They put her on her back and fucked her throat that way which she found better then got her to impale her face on cock all the way down.

They took a break then until she had stopped crying then took turns fucking her pussy. You could tell it was deeper than she had ever taken cock before and she even cried when they sat her down to cover her in cum. She refused to be spoon fed it and when the tears turned to full blast wailing they let her off. You can see this woman forced to swallow to the point of crying at Latina Abuse.

Meadow Made To Choke On Cock

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Meadow is a stunning lady so god knows why she agreed to do this scene, must have needed the money i guess. She came into the studio wearing a top with Deepthroat written on it so she knew what she was getting. She stripped off and spread her pussy before getting doen to sucking cock. She couldn’t swallow as much as they wanted so they prepped her by using their fingers down her throat.

Next they lay her face up on a couch and started to fuck her throat stopping occasionally for her to puke. They got her to impale herself then and choke on cock as the puke ran from her. A foot on the back of her head made sure she got to choke on cock all the way balls deep before they moved on to her pussy.

They fucked her from behind before making her ride cock while pinching her nipples. When they had finished taking turns with her pussy they sat her down in the middle of the room. They left her face splattered in cum to the point she couldn’t open her eyes. You can see this stunner choke on cock at Facial Abuse.

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Delyla Maxxx Is a self confessed whore that can’t get enough of sex, the more people the better is her favourite saying so she was looking forward to being forced to do something out of the ordinary, a forced extreme deepthroat. She turned up in a see through net top and really high heels, looking just like a prostitute.

She was giggling when they made her strip and spread her legs wide to show her gaping pussy. She starts off by sucking cock gently before licking Big Reds balls. She didn’t back away as he pushed harder and further down her neck but was happy when she was turned over to lie with her neck over the edge of the sofa.

The extreme deepthroat took a bad turn as she puked everywhere though she did carry on swallowing cock. It was soon time to turn to other holes though as she was first fucked in the pussy then ass fucked so hard she screamed. She was sat down to take a load of cum to her face before it was made to stick by throwing flour on her. You can see Delyla forced to swallow at Ghetto Gaggers.

Eve Evans Face Fucked Balls Deep

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Eve Evans is a lazy Latina whore who will do anything to get out of work, her excuse this time was she was afraid of her family seeing her doing this. As it was they got enough from her to print this scene. They started off by stripping her then fucking her throat.

A hand on her head forced her to keep still as she was face fucked hard then she was turned upside down to get even more cock down her throat. She was puking and spitting everywhere but when asked to climb on top of cock she refused saying she had to go.

Instead of pushing it they told her she had an agreement and that being face fucked was only part of it. In the end she agreed to the grand finale of sitting still as they left a load of cum on her face and would receive only part payment, some women just don’t want the work. You can see this half scene at Latina Abuse.

Red-Head Beth Takes A Face Fucking

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Beth is a stunning babe with nice tits and shouldn’t have spoiled it by having her hair dyed to such a bad colour. That said she was good enough for a scene being face fucked by Bootleg who has low standards anyway. They got her to strip off and spread her ass cheeks to see what they were getting then went to work on her.

She was forced to swallow cock a lot deeper than she was used to and it wasn’t long before she was puking with some even coming from her nose but her head was held so she couldn’t back off. The cock gagging continued as she was held there until she was ready then they pounded her throat, oumoing hard and fast.

She was made to ride cock after being forced to swallow so much cock she puked over Bootleg and he pushed enough cock into her to make her wail and scream. He bent her onto all fours so he could fuck her even deeper and I really think by the time she was made to sit still for her face full of cum she was quite glad. You can see Beth choking on cock at Facial Abuse.

18 Year Old Mochalicious Forced To Swallow

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Mochalicious is a nice 18 year old who went into this scene with her eyes wide open. She knew exactly what to expect and got it from Big Red who never takes it easy on anyone. She sat on the couch and flashed her pussy and tits after being asked then the fun started.

Big Red seems to think he’s not doing a good job if they are not puking so he shoved his cock down her neck without messing around. Sure enough the puke started flying and he seemed happier. He even turned her upside down so he could get his cock down her throat a little further. When she was led on her back he managed to get balls deep with his balls hitting her nose.

When she started blowing snot bubbles he moved on to fucking her pussy, making her ride him at first then getting on top of her to fuck her while strangling her. She sat down to take two loads of cum on her face and seemed happy it had finished, 18 year olds shouldn’t be made to do this. You can see Mochalicious at Ghetto Gaggers.

Penelope Piper Forced To Swallow Cock

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Penelope Piper is a stunner but thinks she is too good for this type of scene. She was happy to strip off and spread her ass but when they tried to get cock down her neck she refused. She did try to take a bit of it but anywhere near balls deep and she was backing off.

A slap to the face and a hand on her head held her steady until the cock went all the way down even though it had to be removed as she threw up everywhere. Once that was done and she was empty it became easier and ass long as we got out of the way every so often we didn’t get hit with puke.

We tried different positions like her led on her back so we could fuck her face till she had balls on her nose and a hand around her throat kept he still. When we got fed up of that we took turns fucking her pussy. We made her sit still to take loads of cum on her face then tipped a dogs bowl of her puke on her. She ran quickly to the showers after that, you can find video of her here at Latina Abuse.

Tatiana Kush Face Fucked And Covered In Cum

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Tatiana was chosen to do this scene on Brett Rockmans return. She was stripped off and forced to spread her pussy wide before the face fucking started. Bretts hook shape cock is shoved in her mouth then Big Red gets a go. She is made to choke on cock as it goes past her tonsils.

She is throat fucked till she is puking up her lunch then take turns fucking her face as fast as they can. By taking turns with one cock arching up as the other arches down can be very traumatic. By the time she has taken both down her throat till she has balls on her chin she is gagging violently.

Not satisfied with that they then take turns fucking her ass the same way. By the time she is made to sit down and take loads of cum on her face she is just glad to get it over with. You can see Tatiana and Bretts return over at Facial Abuse.

Felina Thrust Cock Gagging In Extreme Deepthroat

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Felina Thrust decided on Ghetto Gaggers for her debut porno so she probably thinks now that anything else is going to be easier, maybe she’s right. They stripped her off and were pleasantly surprised, she has a cracking body and is so flexible but that wasn’t the part of her they were intersted in.

They held her still as they forced their cocks deeper and deeper down her neck. She was made to choke on cock till she threw up into a provided doggie bowl then fucked her throat a bit more. They had to try different positions as she kept stopping them with her throat muscles but led on her back they got balls deep down her neck.

After that they fucked her pussy and couldn’t resist a go at her ass. She was even happy enough to take double penetration without moaning proving what a good ghetto slut she was. All good things come to an end though so they sat her down and took a load of cum to her face before the contents of the dog bowl was thrown over her. You can find this scene over at Ghetto Gaggers where you can download it.

Latina Whore Sephora Gets To Choke On Cock

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Sephora is a Spanish slut who had come to this country without enough money to survive on so when given the chance of a job she took it. She knew she was going to take a face fucking but had no idea how hard it would be. She stripped off and played with her hair, as if it was going to be in any fit state after this.

She started licking his bell-end and sucking his balls but that doesn’t work for these guys. He grabs her chin and she’s forced to swallow his whole cock. She starts spraying puke everywhere but they won’t let up, forcing her further and further onto it.

When she has got to choke on cock enough they give her a break and get her to ride cock until they are ready then they sit her down. She tries to turn her head away but is held there to have her face covered in cum. There’s a lot more cock gagging women over at Latina Abuse where you can find a trailer of this scene.