Glorias Husband Gets Her The Roughest Sex Scene He can

tfw6 449x300 Glorias Husband Gets Her The Roughest Sex Scene He can

Roughest Sex Scene

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Gloria is only 19 but ia already married. This would usually mean we’d never see her on something like Latina Abuse but that’s where we struck lucky. Her husband just loves seeing her fucked by other men and the rougher the better. By the end of this scene she admitted that this was the roughest sex she’d ever had. After getting a facefuck till she pukes her husband thinks she needs it rougher and gets the two of them to put their cocks in her mouth. Even though she squeals in pain from having a big cock in her pussy that’s still not enough for her husband who insists that they put 2 cocks in her pussy, they manage it but she’s in so much pain. At the end she takes 3 loads of come into her face.

Karinas First Gagging Throat Fuck Leaves Puke Down His Whole Cock

tfw5 450x300 Karinas First Gagging Throat Fuck Leaves Puke Down His Whole Cock

Gagging Throat Fuck

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Karina is new to this country having spent most of her life in a sheltered third world country. She’s only eighteen and living where she did has little knowledge of normal sex, let alone what the guys from Latina Abuse have in mind for her. She’s gagging within a minute of having her face fucked and not long after she’s puked down the length of his cock. She’s made to sit on his cock then and you can see how much pain she’s in, almost to the point of tears, he’s just too big for her. Also according to her this was the first time anyone had ever nut on her face.

Mahlia Gags And Pukes When Two Guys Fuck Her Throat

tfw4 450x300 Mahlia Gags And Pukes When Two Guys Fuck Her Throat

Gags And Pukes

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Mahlia may have had second thoughts on doing a scene for Ghetto Gaggers but she decided to do it anyway. She went into the scene thinking she was beter than the average person but the guys from Ghetto soon changed that part of her. Not many girls can be snobby if someones got their hands around your neck and is spitting in your face. It’s even harder when your mouth is forced wide and a cock is thrust down there balls deep. She’s soon gagging and throwing up and then the guys fuck her pussy till she’s sore. Her face is a picture when they hold her down and come over her face at the end.

Sadikshya Is Throat Fucked Before Having Two Cocks Forced Into Her Tight 19 Year Old Pussy

tfw3 450x300 Sadikshya Is Throat Fucked Before Having Two Cocks Forced Into Her Tight 19 Year Old Pussy

hard throat fucking

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Ghetto Gaggers have a new whore to use and abuse. Sadikshya is only 19 but they treat her like she’s a lot older. The guys at Ghetto destroyed her innocence by doing things to her that normal people would never expect. She got such a hard throat fucking, all the way to the balls and so fast you had to wonder will she gag? The answer is yes. After that they stretched her pussy by forcing two cocks in there at the same time. She was forced to eat ass then a collar and leash was put on her before she lay down and had come splattered all over her face.

Tori Paige Gets Talked Into An Extreme Nasty Throat Gagging Scene

tfw2 450x300 Tori Paige Gets Talked Into An Extreme Nasty Throat Gagging Scene

Throat Gagging

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Tori Paige would never have had the guts to ask for a scene in Facial Abuse but when she asked for a scene in Sperm Suckers or Nasty Little Facials they refused. Given the choice of no work or Facial Abuse she relented and agreed. She never wanted anything as hard as this but managed it quite well. She gets a good throat fucking and starts gagging almost immediately till she pukes. This cock gagging is the most extreme thing she has ever done but it doesn’t stop there. They fuck her till she’s sore, slap her and all types of brutal sex until they make her kneel down and leave huge loads of come on her head.

19 Year Old Stunner Michelle Gets A Hard Throat Fuck From Big Red

tfw1 450x300 19 Year Old Stunner Michelle Gets A Hard Throat Fuck From Big Red

Hard Throat Fuck

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Michelle Peters is a stunning, petite and luckily naïve 19 year old. When she wandered into Facial Abuse asking to be used she got exactly that. She looks too beautiful to have the things done to her that they do and with such a great figure she’s just too nice for this. From the start she gets treated like a piece of meat with Big red forcing her head down on his cock to the balls. She whimpered and puked as the gag factor got higher and higher. After this intense throatjob he fucked her pussy till she had finished then made her sit down on a floor full of puke. They put a collar and leash on her to keep her steady while they squirt come on her face.

Bella Luciano Made To Choke On Cock

fa hr bella luciano 083 500x333 Bella Luciano Made To Choke On Cock

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Bella Luciano is just getting ahead as a porn star so god knows why she chose to do this scene. The guys are always happy to fuck a face though and the pretty ones like Bella are a bonus. They start off abusing her over her name then gets naked on her knees. A hand behind her head holds her still as he slides his cock down her neck balls deep in one motion.

Once there he starts fucking her face at full speed before holding her upside down and dropping her onto his cock. As the cock goes past her tonsils this time she pukes but keeps right at it. He lies down next and holds her head above his cock then fucks her throat at full speed making her puke again.

She is fucked from behind at first then they double penetrate her, a large cock in her ass and one in her pussy making her scream. She is fucked from behind again as she is bent over the couch then made to lie down. She keeps her mouth open as they fill her mouth with cum. You can see Bella Luciano cock gagging at Facial Abuse.

Camilla Rhodes First Extreme Deepthroat

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Even though she is 32 years old Camilla has only just become a porn star. They asked her to tell them about herself and her only words were “I’m a whore”, I think that tells you enough about her. She was soon stripped and on her knees with a cock down her throat. He fucked her mouth and even though she was choking she never backed away.

He sat down then and made her suck his cock from above, holding her head so he could throat fuck her as fast and as deep as he wanted. She was soon choking on cock but happy to stay there unlike some of the younger girls. After that he had her sit on his cock so he could fuck her ass which had her give a nervous laugh through the pain.

He bent her over to fuck her ass from behind where she seemed to be begging for more, this lady just didn’t know when enough was enough. As soon as Harker had enough though he had her kneel down with her eyes and mouth open as he splattered cum over her face. You can see Camilla Rhodes gag on cock at Facial Abuse.

Gaia Fits Fist Down Her Throat

fa hr gaia2 069 500x333 Gaia Fits Fist Down Her Throat

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Gaia is a stunning Chinese woman with a great body even if her tits are obviously fake but at just over 5 foot tall you have to wonder how much cock down her neck she can take. This was her second visit as well so she obviously didn’t learn from the first experience. Anyway, Pauly Harker grabbed her by the neck, opened her mouth and shoved his cock in balls deep.

He fucked her face at such a fast pace the noises coming from her were more like a steam train but she never gagged. She was led on her back and he carried on fucking her face but she refused to puke. This pissed him off so he ordered her to fist her own throat but even that couldn’t make her puke.

He only managed to make her puke a little when he had her head hanging off the couch but that seemed to satisfy him so he fucked her from behind which had her screaming more than the throat fucking. She rode his cock for a while as well, her fake tits bouncing a little before being knelt down to have cum on her face. You can see Gaia swallowing cock at Facial Abuse.

Jasmine Gomez Forced Extreme Deepthroat

la hr jasmine gomez 160 500x333 Jasmine Gomez Forced Extreme Deepthroat

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Jasmine Gomez is a young Latina just starting out in the oirn business, just trying to make a little extra cash. How she got recommended to these guys nobody knows but she learnt a lesson she won’t forget quickly. They stripped her off, knelt her down and rammed cock down her throat until she puked, literally 30 seconds later.

Not long after that and a little more skull fucking and she was in tears but she kept on going. Being nice though they bent her over and fucked her pussy while making her put her face in a bowl of her own puke to give her a break before lying her on her back so they could fuck her face some more.

Cock went down her neck at all different angles until she was a slobbering mess so they had her climb on top then to ride his cock. She whined and cried again but he still forced it all inside her then bent her over to make her take it even deeper. Ow seemed to be one of her favourite words so she was actually quite glad when they asked her to kneel down to be covered in cum. You can see Jasmine cock gagging at Latina Abuse.