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Sasha is only 18 and decided for her first ever porno she wanted something special. Being a wishful submissive she applied for a scene to Latina Abuse and they were more than happy to fuck her throat. She sucks balls and has cock down her throat so far she pukes almost immediately. This is still not enough for the guys so they grab her head and hold it still while they fuck her face at full speed. By the end of this her firm tits are covered in slop so they decide to get her to ride cock instead. They fuck her pussy hard while she bounces up and down still swallowing a cock then they move on to fucking her ass. She sits there and lets them splash come over her face at the end and makes her sit there while it drips.

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Nadiaa Nasty was so confident of managing this scene from Ghetto Gaggers with ease that she went in chewing gum and spouting off about how she would cope with anything. Challenge accepted then, they stripped her off and put a cock in her mouth and she actually smiled, that was enough of that. The cock was pushed deeper until she started backing off then they grabbed her head and held it while the cock went down her throat till the balls hit her chin. She started coughing up goo so they lay her down and fucked her throat from there with balls on her nose so the goo ran down her own face. She was made to impale herself face fucking before fucking her pussy and finally sat down to take a face full of come.

Vanessa Del Sol Chokes With An Whole Cock Down Her Throat

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Vanessa Del Sol is a beautiful Latina whore who loves rough sex, especially being the submissive slut made to do as she’s told. Latina Abuse suited her needs and since she liked doing forced blowjobs the guys decided to really see how much she could take. She swallowed cock so deep you couldn’t see any of it, just her face going purple before she puked from the sides of her mouth blowing her cheeks up. She was bent over a sofa to get a big cock in her tight pussy, fucking her pussy hard while she was being throat fucked from the front. She was even happy to sit there quietly while they all emptied their balls on her face.

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Felicia Fallon had been satisfied by normal sex but when she wanted to try something new she asked for a scene from Facial Abuse. She asked to be pushed to her limits and the guys said they would but there would be no second chance if she backed away from anything. They stripped her and spread her pussy before making her choke on cock. She’d never done a deepthroat blowjob before let alone having her throat fucked but she managed quite well, even when they lay her down on a sofa with her head back and fucked her throat hard. She’s also told them she’d never been double penetrated before so they did that as well, fucking her ass as well as her pussy before sitting her down to take a facefull of come.

Porsha Star Made To Choke On Cock

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Porsha Star is one of the bigger girls they’ve had on Ghetto Gaggers which means the guys just wanted to get this scene over and done with. This usually means they try and get the girl to quit. After stripping her off and making her kneel the one held her head and forced cock down her neck balls deep as the other punished her tits.

Her tits were slapped and squeezed and the cock gag was keeping her from screaming. He started throat fucking her then until she had tears in her eyes. She was made to lie on a couch, head hanging back as the throat fucking continued. She started puking and it was dripping from the sides of her face but he never even slowed down.

She was made to impale herself then and was face fucked so ahrd she had to take a break to blow puke through her nose. She was bent over onto all fours then to have her pussy fucked but the jiggling ass put them off. It wasn’t long before she was sat down to take a few loads of cum on her face. You can see Porsha Star throat fucked at Ghetto Gaggers.

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Vanessa Naughty had to wait 2 years for this chance even though she has been a famous porn star for years. She was looking forward to this and even got quite excited in front of the guys but that sort of excitement never lasts long. As soon as the face fucking starts they all go to pieces.

She starts off on her knees with a hand on her head and he starts face fucking her without any sort of warm up. The lump in her throat makes her look like she’s got an Adams apple and it isn’t long before she is puking everywhere. He carries on fucking her face until she has tears streaming down her face.

She is turned upside down on the couch and face fucked until there is a puddle of puke below her and he is balls deep in ther throat then she is made to impale herself as fluids run from her mouth and nose. Her head is held as the throat fucking gets harder then she is sat down to take a couple loads of cum on her face. You can see Vanessa Naughty forced to swallow cock at Facial Abuse.

Laylas First Ever Submissive Sex Sees Her Face Fucked To Tears

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Layla has done a load of porn movies even at her young age but never had to be submissive in any them. When she agreed to do this scene she expected to be treated well what with being a porn star and all but the guys from Ghettogaggers had different ideas. They throat fucked her as hard as they could but she kept backing away knowing she couldn’t take it all. They soon stopped that with a hand on the back of her head forcing their cocks down her throat all the way. They pounded her tonsils till she couldn’t breathe before moving on to enjoy the rest of her body. When they were finished with her they left come dripping from her face like the throat fucked whore she now was.

Porn Star Bella Rios Throat Fucking To The Balls

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Bella Rios has been in loads of porn films before and even though she has some experience at blowjobs she never did anything like the guys from Latina Abuse put her through. As soon as she walked in the room they stripped her off and made her kneel so they could pump her face, filling her mouth with cock. They pounded her throat till she was ready to cry and then caried on for a bit longer. All three take it in turns face fucking her giving her no time to get her breath back and they use all different positions making sure to get as far down her throat as possible. They give her double penetration, one fucking her pussy while the other fucks her throat before sitting her down to get three loads of come to her face.

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When Alexis turned up on set with a short skirt and no knickers the guys knew they could get away with anything with this girl. They got her to strip off and get on her knees before Bootleg grabbed her head and shoved his 9 inches straight down her neck balls deep.

He greabbed her hair and fucked her throat before being told to make her gag. They had her lie back on the couch for this and he fucked her face as fast as he could but she seemed to have no gag reflex. Led on her back he fucked her face so hard he kept squashing his balls on her top lip but she never complained or gagged.

After that he put her on top and had her impale her mouth on his cock before giving up and bending her over to fuck her pussy. She rode him for a while before bending over to take his 9 inches doggy style then when he was ready he dragged hr over to the couch by her hair before leaving her face covered in his cum. You can see Alexis get her face pounded at Latina Abuse.

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Carmen Merlot has to be the most submissive and obedient woman ever to do a scene at Ghetto Gaggers. When she was on her knees they started to fuck her throat and normally this would require a few face slaps but as soon as they told her to hold still she did and the hand on the back of her head was hardly needed.

They fucked her face and slapped her tits anyway just for the hell of it then held her still until they got cock past her tonsils and balls deep. They held her there until she puked then carried on fucking her face. They spun her over and made her impale her face on cock until she puked again, this time without coming off the cock.

She was bent over to have her ass fucked as deep as they could go then put her on her back to be pussy fucked. She did all this without complaint then went down on her knees to be covered in cum by four loads. She sat still as they tipped the bowl of puke over her as well. See this submissive slut face fucked at Ghetto Gaggers.