Porn Star Bella Rios Throat Fucking To The Balls

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Throat Fucking

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Bella Rios has been in loads of porn films before and even though she has some experience at blowjobs she never did anything like the guys from Latina Abuse put her through. As soon as she walked in the room they stripped her off and made her kneel so they could pump her face, filling her mouth with cock. They pounded her throat till she was ready to cry and then caried on for a bit longer. All three take it in turns face fucking her giving her no time to get her breath back and they use all different positions making sure to get as far down her throat as possible. They give her double penetration, one fucking her pussy while the other fucks her throat before sitting her down to get three loads of come to her face.

18 Year Old Mochalicious Forced To Swallow

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Mochalicious is a nice 18 year old who went into this scene with her eyes wide open. She knew exactly what to expect and got it from Big Red who never takes it easy on anyone. She sat on the couch and flashed her pussy and tits after being asked then the fun started.

Big Red seems to think he’s not doing a good job if they are not puking so he shoved his cock down her neck without messing around. Sure enough the puke started flying and he seemed happier. He even turned her upside down so he could get his cock down her throat a little further. When she was led on her back he managed to get balls deep with his balls hitting her nose.

When she started blowing snot bubbles he moved on to fucking her pussy, making her ride him at first then getting on top of her to fuck her while strangling her. She sat down to take two loads of cum on her face and seemed happy it had finished, 18 year olds shouldn’t be made to do this. You can see Mochalicious at Ghetto Gaggers.

Penelope Piper Forced To Swallow Cock

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Penelope Piper is a stunner but thinks she is too good for this type of scene. She was happy to strip off and spread her ass but when they tried to get cock down her neck she refused. She did try to take a bit of it but anywhere near balls deep and she was backing off.

A slap to the face and a hand on her head held her steady until the cock went all the way down even though it had to be removed as she threw up everywhere. Once that was done and she was empty it became easier and ass long as we got out of the way every so often we didn’t get hit with puke.

We tried different positions like her led on her back so we could fuck her face till she had balls on her nose and a hand around her throat kept he still. When we got fed up of that we took turns fucking her pussy. We made her sit still to take loads of cum on her face then tipped a dogs bowl of her puke on her. She ran quickly to the showers after that, you can find video of her here at Latina Abuse.

Come Covered Cristal Takes A Face Fucking Before Double Penetration

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her holes filled

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Cristal is a submissive whore who just loves giving deep blowjobs. When she heard about Facial Abuse she couldn’t wait and got in touch to arrange to do a scene. It didn’t take her long to realise that theres hard deepthroat and then theres being throat fucked at full speed, the latter enough to bring tears to your eyes. The guys took it in turns fucking her throat hard enough to make her puke before moving lower down. She took cock up the ass so well they decided to give her a go with some deep double penetration. She whined for a bit but took it like a good little submissive throat fucked whore. At the end they left her with five loads of come drying on her face to give her something to remember the experience by.

Teen Pearl Gobbles Cock Down To The Balls

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Gobbles Cock

lat52 449x300 Teen Pearl Gobbles Cock Down To The Balls

cock she can swallow

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The song should have been called “Pearls A Screamer” because that’s basically what she does in this great scene of cock gagging from Latina Abuse. Pearl is only 19 years old so she wasn’t used to being treated rough or even having sex with anybody with a decent sized dick. After forcing her to extreme deepthroat till she almost puked they filled her pussy so much she started screaming. She stuck at it though and rode Big Red until he was almost ready to come. She even sat quietly as she loads of come splattered on her face.

Ivy Bleu Double Penetrated

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Ivy Bleu is new to the scene, in fact this was her first porno but she would have been better starting off with something a little easier. Big Red and Bootleg don’t hold back even if you are new but even the cameraman said afterwards he felt sorry for her. She was stripped and put on her knees and her first experience of porno was a hand on her head, cock down her throat and her head held there until she puked. She puked so much she was given a dogs bowl to hold under her as she had her face fucked hard while blowing chunks.

After she had filled the bottom half of the bowl she was made to go on top and impale her face on cock. It took two hands behind her head to force cock past her tonsils and hold her there to be throat fucked at full speed. By this time she was gagging on cock but nothing coming up, her belly must have been empty. With their task done she was made to ride cock while having her ass slapped. It wasn’t long before they were double teaming her with a new sensation for her of double penetration.

After a few squeals she was bent over th couch and fucked from behind to give her a break. With her huge tits hanging over the edge and her arms held behind her back he forced her to take his whole cock even though she was crying by this time. For the usual ending she was knelt down and they took turns cumming on her face before finishing with throwing flour on her head to make it harder to wipe off. You can see Ivy Bleu take extreme deepthroat in her first ever porno at Ghetto Gaggers.

Karinas First Gagging Throat Fuck Leaves Puke Down His Whole Cock

tfw5 450x300 Karinas First Gagging Throat Fuck Leaves Puke Down His Whole Cock

Gagging Throat Fuck

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Karina is new to this country having spent most of her life in a sheltered third world country. She’s only eighteen and living where she did has little knowledge of normal sex, let alone what the guys from Latina Abuse have in mind for her. She’s gagging within a minute of having her face fucked and not long after she’s puked down the length of his cock. She’s made to sit on his cock then and you can see how much pain she’s in, almost to the point of tears, he’s just too big for her. Also according to her this was the first time anyone had ever nut on her face.

Jessica Gets Her Fantasy Of Being Facefucked At Top Spped Fulfilled

l1 Jessica Gets Her Fantasy Of Being Facefucked At Top Spped Fulfilled

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Jessie Rosario is a local girl who went to Latina Abuse and told them that one of her fantasies was to be used and abused by some white guys. She thought she could handle having her face fucked and did quite well till the cock went past her tonsils, then she puked all over herself. The guys took it in turns then fucking her ass as hard as possible. The only thing that seemed to phase her was when they made her sit there while they shot loads of come over her face.

Skull Fucking Kandi Gurl

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They started in straight away on Kandi Gurl calling her a crack addict and a hooker but she seemed to take it in her stride. This made them want to make her suffer even more so once she was on her knees the face fucking began. It wasn’t long before she was puking but she managed well even when they kept cock down her neck for a longer time than i can hold my breath.

On her back on the couch with her head dangling over they fucked her face at a seriously fast pace with balls bouncing on her nose. After she managed that well enough they put her on top and held her head down. This position seemed to give her more problems but some face slapping every time she came up for air soon sorted that.

She actually made a lot more noise when they bent her over to fuck her pussy complaining about how much it hurt. They made her push through it though then ride his cock making sure she took it all. They put her in the best positions for maximum penetration now they knew she couldn’t handle it before cumming over her face. You can see Kandi gag on cock at Ghetto Gaggers.