Jayla Foxx Becomes A Throat Fucked Whore Tonight

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Jayla Foxx didn’t really want to do this scene from Ghetto Gaggers, you could tell by how miserable she looked. My guess is it was for rent money because she didn’t seem to enjoy the face fucking she received one bit. She had her tonsils pounded real hard till she puked then took even more cock down her throat to make sure her stomach was empty. Bootleg and Big Red were fucking her face till she begged for a break before fucking her pussy. The look on her face at the end as they sat her down and emptied come on her face shows how much she really hated this scene.

Taylor Mae Doesnt’t Like Come On Her Face, Bit Of Tough Luck Really

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When Taylor arrives in town she figures the easiest way to make money is from porn so she contacts Facial Abuse. Unfortunately that means her first porn experience is puking on a cock, a regular response to having to do an extreme deepthroat to the balls. She makes that much mess they decide to teach her a lesson and they both ass fuck her over and over again. When they’re ready one of the guys comes on her face and she says she doesn’t like it. That’s all the encouragement the second guy needs to complete the job and leave his come on her face too.

Jessica James Gagging On Cock

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Jessica James is one of the most stunning women to have appeared on Ghetto Gaggers so the guys were all hoping they’d be picked to use her. They didn’t realise how badly prepared she was for this scene though. She had even had a big meal before, a classic mistake that most women never make any more.

She was knelt down and got her face slapped before having cock shoved down her neck. She kept backing off so an hand holding her head had to be used till they had her balls deep choking on cock. Thats when the puke started flowing. They had her impal herself on top then and again she had to be forced down.

After so much puke she was made to ride cock instead. She screamed a little but eventually took it all before being bent over the couch to be fucked at full speed. She is then sat down to be covered in cum. You can see Jessica forced to swallow cock at Ghetto Gaggers.

Cameron Double Penetrated And Throat Fucked

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Cameron has never been able to say no to her boyfriend though i would expect that to change after what happened this time. He got her to promise to do something for him then after agreeing he told her he had booked her into an extreme sex scene with Facial Abuse. Unknown to her he had asked them to fuck her throat hard and give her some double penetration, shoving their cock as deep as possible. They did everything he asked, fucking her face hard before opening both her holes as wide as possible. They slapped her face and humiliated her before sitting her down to come over her face.

Jessica Gets Her Fantasy Of Being Facefucked At Top Spped Fulfilled

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Jessie Rosario is a local girl who went to Latina Abuse and told them that one of her fantasies was to be used and abused by some white guys. She thought she could handle having her face fucked and did quite well till the cock went past her tonsils, then she puked all over herself. The guys took it in turns then fucking her ass as hard as possible. The only thing that seemed to phase her was when they made her sit there while they shot loads of come over her face.

Leah Gets Throat Poked, Double Penetrated And Her Face Covered In Come

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Leah is a stunning girl who loves white cock and agreed to do a scene for the guys at Ghetto Gaggers. Because she was so experienced they decided to up the abuse a bit to compensate for this. After being slapped and spit on they forced her to choke on cock right up to the balls on each of them before fucking her senseless. When she was so sore she was begging them to stop they started the double penetration till they were ready to finish. After she had taken four loads of come to her face she was so tired, sore and humiliated she started to cry.

19 Year Old Brooklyn Carter Taught To Deepthroat

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Brooklyn Carter is only 19 years old and has continuously pissed off her boyfriend by refusing to give him a blowjob. As a way of getting her into it her boyfriend talks her into doing a scene for Ghetto Gaggers saying they needed the money. She gave in eventually and after stripping her down they guys get on with lesson one by shoving cock in her mouth. They quickly move on to shoving the cock past her tonsils and pound her throat hard before making her swallow come while catching everything she misses in a champagne glass. They make her swallow it all before allowing her to leave and collect her cheque.

Skull Fucking Kandi Gurl

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They started in straight away on Kandi Gurl calling her a crack addict and a hooker but she seemed to take it in her stride. This made them want to make her suffer even more so once she was on her knees the face fucking began. It wasn’t long before she was puking but she managed well even when they kept cock down her neck for a longer time than i can hold my breath.

On her back on the couch with her head dangling over they fucked her face at a seriously fast pace with balls bouncing on her nose. After she managed that well enough they put her on top and held her head down. This position seemed to give her more problems but some face slapping every time she came up for air soon sorted that.

She actually made a lot more noise when they bent her over to fuck her pussy complaining about how much it hurt. They made her push through it though then ride his cock making sure she took it all. They put her in the best positions for maximum penetration now they knew she couldn’t handle it before cumming over her face. You can see Kandi gag on cock at Ghetto Gaggers.

Ms. Platinum Cant Deepthroat Far Enough Till Her Ears Are Grabbed

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Ms. Platinum has a stunning body, probably from all the exercise she gets from sex. She came in saying she’d done it all and could handle everything they could dish out with a smile on her face. Ghetto Gaggers was built for people like this, to show them how wrong they can be. The slow blowjob she started with was just to lull her into a false sense of security and when she was relaxed they pounded her throat till tears streamed down her face. After that they pussy fucked her so deep you expected the cocks to meet in her middle and to top it off they smacked her face a bit before spewing come on her face.

Angel Del Rey Takes First Extreme Deepthroat

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Angel Del Rey has just got into the porn industry so this sort of scene was completely new to her. They have her naked on her knees and grab her pony tail and chin to hold her head steady as they immediately force cock down her neck. She takes it balls deep without any problems at first so they knew they could go rougher with her.

They seem to take it as a personal affront when the girls don’t puke so they rammed a double-ended dildo down her neck but even that didn’t work. She sits on top of Bootleg then and he fucks her face making her keep her hands on the floor so he controls everything. Of course with him that just means ramming his cock past her tonsils as much as possible.

He eventually got the puke he wanted this way and decided to try her other holes. Laying her on her back he fucked her ass then put her on all fours to get deeper before moving on to fuck her pussy. He had her ride him and take his whole 9 inch cock in her ass then fucked her pussy till she squirted everywhere before putting her on her knees to cum on her face. You can see Angel cock gagging at Latina Abuse.