Charlie Baltimore Forced To Puke

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Charlie Baltimore is a slightly chubby ghetto whore who managed to piss the guys off even before the start of the scene. Fed up of chatting to her they stripped her off and had her on her knees with her mouth open. She started sucking cock before hands grabbing her hair held her head steady as he fucked her face untill she was choking on cock.

She managed to get through it without puking though which is how the guys judge themselves so she was led on her back with her head hanging down so he could throat fuck her deeper. Spit came out but nothing else so he put her on top and made her impale herself on his cock. He fucked her mouth but she still refused to puke so he got the dildo out.

They jammed the double dildo down her neck till she puked, once that happened he was happy and bent her over to fuck her ass from behind. She rode him with his cock in her ass then bent over for some more until he was ready to finish. She was made to sit still with her eyes open as he dumped cum on her face. You can see Charlie giving extreme deepthroat at Ghetto Gaggers.

Raquel Chokes On Cock Because She Can’t Say No In English

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For someone who doesn’t know any English at all, including the words no or stop, volunteering to so a scene for Latina Abuse may be considered very stupid. Raquel seemed quite happy though till she’s made to choke on cock until she throws up and then to carry on anyway. She takes it well though so they move on to pounding her pussy, this didn’t faze her either. She didn’t seem quite so happy at the end though with all the face slapping, spitting and having come dripping down her face. Perhaps she should learn a few words of English before the next time.

Veronica Gets Throat Poked In This Extreme Deepthroat Scene

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Veronica Jett has been doing extreme deepthroat scenes for years so when you hear that she’s had a breakdown midway through a scene you know it’s been even rougher than usual. After being forced to take cocks well past her vocal cords they show her it can be just as painful in other holes. She’s forced into some really deep penetration before the guys are done with her. At the end though she’s calmed down enough to take come all over her face and wipe it in.

Cheating Sonya Gets Her Tonsils Roughly Pounded By 3 Men

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When Sonya decides to cheat on her husband she figures she may as well go all the way and get Ghetto Gaggers to treat her rough, something you could never ask her husband to do. The lads are all quite happy with this and get her to gag on all three of their cocks, this is easy to do while your giving a blowjob and peopple are hitting you on the back of the head with cushions, making the cock pound your tonsils. After taking it in the pussy they also force her to take it up the ass for the first time. The come on her face at the end also showed her exactly what these guys think of her.

Kristy takes two dicks past her tonsils

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This is Krtistys first ever porno experience and boy did she choose the wrong place to start. She’s made to take two dicks down past her tonsils and then they shove a huge dildo into her pussy, and i mean absolutely huge. She has no trouble in taking the whole thing right to the base. At the end she has her face totally covered in come, not bad for your first ever porno.

Aryanna Starr Made To Choke On Cock

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Since first appearing on Ghetto Gaggers Aryanna Starr has made a career as a porn star. Now she is determined to leave the porn industry behind she decided to end her career at the same place she started it. The guys though were determined to send her off with a scene she wouldn’t forget and went a bit over the top.

Aryanna Starr is quick to strip and spread her ass then kneels down ready for them. They force cock down her neck by holding her mouth wide open with an hand under the jaw. Once they have it balls deep they start to pound her throat. After she is throat fucked to dribble her mess down herself they take her to the couch.

Led on her back they fuck her face hard and fast, holding her head still so she can’t back away. After that she goes on top, impaling her own throat while they fish hook her to keep her mouth wide open. As a nice goodbye they get her to ride cock then take her from behind before she kneels down to take a load of cum to her face. They even tip her puke over her to show her she isn’t any better than anyone else who does a scene. You can see Aryanna cock gagging at Ghetto Gaggers.

Gloria Gags Forced To Swallow

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No, it’s not a typo, her name is actually Gloria Gags so she really was at the right place to start her porno career. Paul Harker and Bootleg strip her off, kneel her down and shove cock down her neck balls deep and held her there as she choked on cock. She was turned back and fore taking it in turns being throat fucked by each in turn.

After that she was sat on the couch being face fucked by one while the other ass fucked her with a large dildo to get her ready for them. They even used a shoe as an hammer to get the dildo all the way in her ass. After that she went on top impaling herself on one cock while being ass fucked from behind by the other.

They totally ruined her ass fucking her as hard and long as they could while she was balls deep with a cock down past her tonsils. She truly was a gagger by the end spewing in a fountain by the end. They got off her long enough for kneel her down and dump cum on her face. You can see Gloria take extreme deepthroat at Ghetto Gaggers.

Zoie Gets An Extreme Deep Throat Fucking

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Zoies a chubby girl who’s a better friend than most would be. As a friend she’s happy to let her friends have their way with her, any way they want. She’s also happy to take a beating, especially a good, deep throat fucking. Lexi shoves his cock down her throat deep enough to pass her vocal cords. After taking a hard fucking she’s given a faceful of come, enough to practically fill her eyes.

Will She Gag From This Throat Fuck Or Just Cry

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There’s always someone who’ll give even blondes a bad name, in this case it’s Candi Summers. Another problem she has is very, very low self esteem, to the point where she’ll let anyone do just about anything to her. That, along with the fact she likes being punished makes her the ideal subject for a bit of cock gagging. Her gag factor isn’t too high either, after taking the full length down her throat you have to wonder will she gag and puke. Her eyes closed with tears streaming down her face and after that she was willing to have anything done to her. The cumshots on her face just brought her so close to tears you could see she’d had enough.

Stunning Porn Pro Gina Lynn Getting Throat Fucked At Facial Abuse

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Gina Lynn

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Gina Lynn

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Anyone, and I mean anyone who has been interested in porn in the last few years must have heard of Gina Lynn. Every company has an A list of stars they like to use, most of these will have Gina Lynn very near the top. This is why we were so surprised she agreed to do a scene for Facial Abuse, one of the hardest sites on the net.

Even though she’s been in the business for many years she’s never had to deal with anyone like the people from Facial Abuse. Even though she’s been in some tough movies where she’s been fucked hard this is new because she’s agreed to be used in every way. As well as being fucked harder than ever she’s also turned into a throat fucked whore who has her face fucked balls deep. If you want to see more of this stunning pro getting her face fucked click here.