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April Sparxxx looks very pretty and seems smart until you actually speak to her. After a few inane answers they just told her to strip and get on her knees with her hands behind her back. A quick face slap woke her up to what was coming then they shoved cock in her mouth.

The face fucking started hard and fast, holding her head so she couldn’t back away then pounding her throat. They couldn#t quite get balls deep that way so they put her on the couch, head hanging back over the side to give them more access then they fucked her throat finally getting balls on her nose.

They had her go on top then, forcing her head all the way down till she was puking everywhere then they had her ride cock. After riding him for a while and having her ass spanked hard they get her to sit down. She is made to keep still as they splash cum on her face. You can see April Sparxxx gag on cock at Facial Abuse

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Sharea came on set and answered one word as to why she was doing this scene, cock. That should tell you all you need to know about this girl, a total whore. The guys soon had her on her knees and was forcing cock down her neck from the start. They fucked her face hard using an elbow on her head to make sure she took it all.

She starting making choking noises so they flipped her upside down and impaled her for an harder throat fuck holding her hair so she couldn’t back away. It wasn’t long before she was blowing chunks which landed at his feet so she was led on her back on the couch to be face fucked instead.

She was made to swallow cock from on top till her stomach was empty then bent over to be pussy fucked till she was screaming. She was then made to ride cock till he was ready. She had to sit down and keep her eyes open as he blew his load on her face. You can see Sharea forced to swallow cock at Ghetto Gaggers.

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Carolina decided the first porno she wanted to shoot would be one to remember so she contacted Latina Abuse. They made sure she would remember it by getting Bootleg and Big Red to do the shoot and told them to make it as rough as possible. They stretched all her holes and had her gagging on cock with their balls on her nose. She was forced to swallow cock all the way even after puking before the guys moved on to fuck her pussy and ass. At the end they rolled her up in a carpet to keep her still and sprayed come on her face making sure none was wasted byt spoon feeding her come that was rolling down her face.

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Allaura Sweet had done a few scenes of extreme sex before but knew that Latina Abuse would give her something rougher than she’d ever done. When the scene started you can see how shocked she is but the come dripping between her legs also shows she was excited. From the start she has cocks rammed down her throat all the way balls deep till she’s ready to puke. She’s also spit on, slapped and choked to make sure they can get as much cock as possible down her throat. They fucked her pussy hard before making her watch as they squirted come over her forehead.

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Layla was sat on the couch talking about the scene and claimed she had been sucking cocks for a long time so they decided she didn’t need any warmup. They made her kneel down and grabbed her head before fucking her face at full speed till she started choking.

It wasn’t long before she was in tears as she puked while the cock down her neck kept getting deeper and deeper. They put her upside down on the couch so they could get deeper down her throat. She was soon swallowing cock balls deep until the puke fountained from her.

Fed up with the mess they decided it was time for her first ever anal. Putting her ankles behind her head they fucked her ass till she cried again then carried straight on. After that they were ready to finish, she didn’t seem happy to kneel there as they covered her face in cum either. You can see Layal gag on cock at Facial Abuse.

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If humiliation is your thing then this is a great scene from Ghetto Gaggers. Tyrella was forced to swallow two large cocks until they pound the back of her throat. After she has her throat fucked she is bent over, has some anal beads put up her ass and a dog lead attached to it. While these are in she is fucked hard in the pussy. They walk her around leading her by the dog lead before the beads were removed and then she was ass fucked by the two guys till her ass gaped. They make her sit with her head up and cover it in white come which they make her wipe into her face.

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Jayla Foxx didn’t really want to do this scene from Ghetto Gaggers, you could tell by how miserable she looked. My guess is it was for rent money because she didn’t seem to enjoy the face fucking she received one bit. She had her tonsils pounded real hard till she puked then took even more cock down her throat to make sure her stomach was empty. Bootleg and Big Red were fucking her face till she begged for a break before fucking her pussy. The look on her face at the end as they sat her down and emptied come on her face shows how much she really hated this scene.

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When Taylor arrives in town she figures the easiest way to make money is from porn so she contacts Facial Abuse. Unfortunately that means her first porn experience is puking on a cock, a regular response to having to do an extreme deepthroat to the balls. She makes that much mess they decide to teach her a lesson and they both ass fuck her over and over again. When they’re ready one of the guys comes on her face and she says she doesn’t like it. That’s all the encouragement the second guy needs to complete the job and leave his come on her face too.

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Jessica James is one of the most stunning women to have appeared on Ghetto Gaggers so the guys were all hoping they’d be picked to use her. They didn’t realise how badly prepared she was for this scene though. She had even had a big meal before, a classic mistake that most women never make any more.

She was knelt down and got her face slapped before having cock shoved down her neck. She kept backing off so an hand holding her head had to be used till they had her balls deep choking on cock. Thats when the puke started flowing. They had her impal herself on top then and again she had to be forced down.

After so much puke she was made to ride cock instead. She screamed a little but eventually took it all before being bent over the couch to be fucked at full speed. She is then sat down to be covered in cum. You can see Jessica forced to swallow cock at Ghetto Gaggers.

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Cameron has never been able to say no to her boyfriend though i would expect that to change after what happened this time. He got her to promise to do something for him then after agreeing he told her he had booked her into an extreme sex scene with Facial Abuse. Unknown to her he had asked them to fuck her throat hard and give her some double penetration, shoving their cock as deep as possible. They did everything he asked, fucking her face hard before opening both her holes as wide as possible. They slapped her face and humiliated her before sitting her down to come over her face.