Cassandras Gets A Balls Deep Facefuck

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Casandra Cruz ia sn absolutely stunning Latina with a perfect body. Within minutes of getting a throat fuck puke was coming out the side of her mouth, not surprising since she had all 9 inches of Big Red down her throat. The facefuck was that deep his balls were touching her upper lip. After sitting on him and letting him stick all 9 inches into her ass making her squeal they had her sit down ready for them. She took three huge loads of come on her face before they were finally finished with her.

Extreme Deepthroat For Devon O’Reilly

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Devon O’Reilly may be a bbw but is definitely someone the guys would have back for another scene. She claimed to like rough sex and would take anything they could give so they figured now not test her. She was on her knees while they held her head and chin and shoved cock down her neck, no preamble just straight down.

She was gagging on cock to start with but soon got into it, rubbing her pussy to get herself worked up. When she proved she could take a throat fucking they put her on her back and used their hands to keep her mouth wide as they fucked her throat hard. She was sat down on the couch with her head trapped against the back as he fucked her throat and held his cock there.

After that he lay down and let her impale her mouth on his cock. When he was done with the throat fucking he bent her over to fuck her from behind. On her back for the next bit he fucked her some more as she played with her clit until he was ready then made to kneel as he left her face covered in cum. You can see Devon throat fucked at Facial Abuse.

Porn Star Quits Extreme DeepThroat

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When Stacey Adams last appeared on Ghetto Gaggers she was an up and coming porn star but hadn’t quite made it. She managed to complete that scene and for some reason thought she could manage another. Unfortunately for her the guys have a hard rule that any sequel has to be a harder face fuck than the time before.

She said she wanted to gag and they made that come true, on her knees they fucked her face hard until she started puking so they put a pipe down her neck and poured in some liquid to soften her up. They made her squeeze her tits to keep her hands busy while throat fucking her then had her bend over a dogs bowl to swallow cock.

She was having too much trouble so they led her on her back and took turns fucking her face with her head held back. When she still had problems they tried to ram a double dildo down her neck. When she couldn’t take any more they got a massive titty fuck from her then had her kneel down to have her face covered in cum. You can see Stacey Adam cock gagging at Ghetto Gaggers.

An Extreme Deepthroat For Anjelica Bleu

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Anjelica has been in quite a few pornos, not as many as you would think after being in the business for 10 years but she claims it’s more a sort of part time job. After this session she may just quit. Stripped naked and on her knees he grabbed her head and held her steady as he fucked her face. She never tried to pull back but he insisted on using his elbow on her head so she wouldn’t have the chance to pull away.

After fucking her face and realising she was managing it too well they flipped her upside down and fucked her throat that way with an hand on the back of her head. Again she handled this quite well, even staying balls deep for a few seconds at a time. She was upside down on the couch and a cock down her neck for about 20 seconds before she pulled away to breath. As punishment she was made to lick ass.

She went on top then to impale her throat on his cock. He skull fucked her some more before bending her over to fuck her ass. When she moaned he gagged her then flipped her over so he could get deeper. Once on her back she screamed and started crying so he spanked her ass before kneeling her down to take a load of cum to her face. You can see Anjelica Bleu take extreme deepthroat at Facial Abuse.

Ivy Bleu Double Penetrated

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Ivy Bleu is new to the scene, in fact this was her first porno but she would have been better starting off with something a little easier. Big Red and Bootleg don’t hold back even if you are new but even the cameraman said afterwards he felt sorry for her. She was stripped and put on her knees and her first experience of porno was a hand on her head, cock down her throat and her head held there until she puked. She puked so much she was given a dogs bowl to hold under her as she had her face fucked hard while blowing chunks.

After she had filled the bottom half of the bowl she was made to go on top and impale her face on cock. It took two hands behind her head to force cock past her tonsils and hold her there to be throat fucked at full speed. By this time she was gagging on cock but nothing coming up, her belly must have been empty. With their task done she was made to ride cock while having her ass slapped. It wasn’t long before they were double teaming her with a new sensation for her of double penetration.

After a few squeals she was bent over th couch and fucked from behind to give her a break. With her huge tits hanging over the edge and her arms held behind her back he forced her to take his whole cock even though she was crying by this time. For the usual ending she was knelt down and they took turns cumming on her face before finishing with throwing flour on her head to make it harder to wipe off. You can see Ivy Bleu take extreme deepthroat in her first ever porno at Ghetto Gaggers.

Amber Skye Chokes On Cock

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This was Amber Skyes first time and you could see how nervous she was during the interview at the beginning. Without waiting around they get her to strip off, kneel down, grab her hair and start to skull fuck her immediately. He goes at full pace as starts starts to choke on his cock but he doesn’t let up. Just as she is getting used to cock down her throat at full speed she is spun around to have another cock jammed down her throat but this time she is held still for what must feel like her hours.

Her mouth is spread wide as they see how lolng she can hold her breath for then she is told to bend over as she takes cock in her pussy and is fucked from behind. While she is doing this she is being spat on in the face. She changes position then to ride his cock from the top. She is bent over the couch next and fish hooked so she can’t keep moving away as he makes her take his full length.

She is spun onto her back for him to fuck her with her legs hanging over the edge of the couch as she is face fucked some more until there is a puddle of puke on the floor. Once he is ready he cums all over her face but that isn’t the end for her. She is placed on her knees and her eyes forced to stay open as another load of cum on her face gets in her eyes. She is still rubbing them at the end of the scene. You can see Amber Skye in her first extreme deepthroat at Facial Abuse.

Watch Bailey Brookes Treated Like The Whore She Is

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Cock in her mouth

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Bailey Brooks is an absolute stunner who likes being treated like a whore, and the people at Facial Abuse are only too hapy to oblige. In her first ever extreme scene she’s made to take a cock in the mouth all the way to the base, and this is a 9 inch cock so she does know about it. She also has to take it in the ass as well which she seems quite happy to do. At the end she takes 3 loads of come to her face but even then she’s so stunning you still wouldn’t say no.

Skyy Swallows Two Huge Cocks Before Creampie

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Skyy Black thinks she’s tough enough to take anything but she made a mistake when she contacted Ghettogaggers. The guys there tear her down by face fucking her till she pukes, not a problem when one guy has 11 inches and the other has 9 inches, She gets a hard throat fuck from both guys before she gets a bit of double penetration. Then she has 3 lots of come spashed onto her face and is made to sit there till it all dries off.

Jessie Gets A Deep Throat Fuck Before Taking A Faceful Of Come.

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Deep Throat Fuck

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Jessie Rosario may ony be 19 but she’s definitely wasy advanced as far as sex is concerned. She was happy enough to agree to getting a face fuck but didn’t look quite so happy after throat gagging on a cock that was balls deep down her throat. After such an extreme blowjob they gave her face a rest and went to work on her ass. By the time they were ready to come she was too sore to site so they had her kneel down to take a faceful of come.

Syvally Sweet Gags On Cock Before Pussy Fuck

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Syvally is a stunner that just happens to like kinky sex and has she put it wants to find her limits. Stripped off she looks stunning and she can suck cock well too but needed an hand on the back of her head to swallow cock balls deep. She was gagging on cock for a good ten minutes as they tried her in different positions each time forcing cock down her neck deeper and deeper. When they finally got cock past her tonsils they started throat fucking her fast and hard before moving on and fucking her pussy. After that she was walked into a corner and made to sit there as they left her face cum covered. Watch this cock swallowing scene at Latina Abuse.